Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Past and Present II

Oil on Canvas 9x12

Akane got me new boots for Christmas and I had paint the old and the new again. I did this one other time and I think it's a great way to show the passage of time. Now I also think this could make a nice advertisement illustration. I wonder what "Doc Martens" would think.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

After some good feedback from artists at NYCC I decided to paint this using some characters from the "Warhammer online" game. High Elf vs. Dark Elf during dusk/dawn (depends if you're an optimist).

Elven Dual - oil on canvas 15.5x12.5

For some reason I really like Dwarves. I also like Vikings and they go together well.

Graphite 8.5x11

A new Warhammer fan art sketch. I would like to work for these guys, so I should add something to the portfolio specifically for them.

Graphite on Tracing paper 11x14

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two in one week, both paintings and blog posts.

A green dragon to go with the red dragon, and to practice green. I think it shows that I understood the leaves more than the dragon. I guess that means I need to invest in a good dragon statue :)

I'm not sure if I like the beak design or not. The shape is something I do often, but usually with the idea of teeth and scales down the snout. I do like the "grape vine" horns. I need to explore that more.

"Vernal Dragon" 5x7 oil on paper on panel

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After 4 months, I finally am able to do personal work. I came up with this dragon design out of frustration while sketching some red cloth. Red is a difficult color to master for me so I set out to paint a red dragon as practice (and I thought it would look good on a t-shirt). Since this is supposed to be practice (and a small t-shirt design) I painted this at 5x7", and brought it here at full size.

I also painted this to try out a more "Donato" painting style. It is similar to how I prefer to paint, but his medium is a little different than my typical. I also painted on gessoed panel when I prefer canvas. All in all, I enjoyed it a bunch.

"Autumnal Dragon" 5x7 oil on panel

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For a while I've been drawing with a col-erase pencil and these are some sketches in graphite. It seems strange to think how different the similar media are. (does that make sense?) I also feel the need to state how much I appreciate the Deviant Art people who create stock images. I also decided to follow Steve Prescot and draw some African Tribal hair, but they ended up as just face sketches.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From the blog "Art Order", John Schindehette put up several illustration descriptions that were used for print in D+D rule books. This is a 1/4 page illustration showing a glowing tower on a bluff. I thought this was a great opportunity to add this to the "Muddy Colors" blog for their random critique cession. Even if I don't get picked I still wanted to do this, and I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I tried a different approach for a fine art painting. I planned on this being just a sketch, but took it a little to far.

This is the first day

Day 2

Day 3

For some reason I didn't take any shots of the color, but here is a bad shot of the final painting.

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This picture was found on DeviantArt, the photographer was Marcus Ranum